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VDM Tip # 11: Take Advantage of Notes

In this week's post I want to go a feature that not many people seem to take advantage of. The most common reason we find out that people actually don't take advantage of the feature is simply not realizing it was there, and that is why it is the focus of this week's blog post.

Why Use Notes?

Adding notes to your Views can help provide details behind why the View was created, who requested the View, author information, change history and more.

Where Can You Add Notes?

Notes can be added to the View by expanding the Tools section on VDM's main screen, then clicking Notes.

Steps to Create Notes

1. Expand the Tools section on VDM's main screen, then click Notes.

2. Add the notes you want to save with the View.

Note: Anything typed in the notes section will be saved with the View file itself (View specific).

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