VDM QuickView is a Microsoft .Net SQL query and server reporting application designed for any user who needs quick and easy access to their data from ODBC, OLEDB, Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Access, Oracle and Cache databases.

With VDM you can:

  • Create, save, edit and share VDM QuickViews.
  • Perform drag and drop filtering, sorting, grouping and summaries using VDM’s Advanced Data Grid Control, making finding your information simple.
  • Export your view to Microsoft Excel (XLS/XLSX), Microsoft Word, PDF, HTML, RTF, image files and more with a single click.
  • Produce maps, data visualizations, advanced charts, graphs and gauges from your data in real-time.
  • Build custom and interactive dashboards.
  • Schedule your views to run anytime.
  • Produce professional quality finished reports.

VDM Main

VDM Main is where everything begins.  Quickly browse your database’s tables and fields, add filters, summarize your data, drill into your query results, build pivots on the fly and much more.

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Pivot Tables

VDM’s drag and drop pivot table builder allows you to easily create pivots from your data.


Advanced Charting

Create a professional quality chart of your view using our Advanced Charting feature.

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Data Visualizations

Create data visualizations and interact with your data in a whole new way.

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Using Gauges is an excellent way to show how close you are to achieving your goals.

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Map your data geographically by creating an interactive map.

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Finished Reports

Take your Views to the next level and produce professional-quality deliverable reports with Finished Reports.


Auto Scheduler

Schedule your views to run whenever you’d like.  With Auto Scheduler you can send your reports anywhere you need including email addresses and FTP sites as well as run a batch of reports and views with a single click.


If you like what you see, sign up to get your free trial of our SQL reporting tool, and change the way you see your data.

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