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About BridgeWorks!

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BridgeWorks is a software development company that was founded in 2011. Our core focus is to provide SQL query, reporting, data mining and dashboarding tools to business users that need information from their line of business application and related databases.


Accessing information locked within a database should not require a team of programmers and database administrators. Businesses that have accurate and readily available access to their information are better able to make informed decisions about their operations.  In short, an informed business is a better business. So, we offer SQL server reporting services to help businesses get the information that they need.

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When we launched our VDM platform in 2011 our focus was on the Accounts Receivable and Revenue Cycle Management vertical market. As a result of BridgeWorks community growth and the evolution of the VDM platform, we transitioned from a single vertical market to a much broader goal of enabling VDM to provide quick and easy access to any database in the world, without the need to know SQL scripting.


As our community of professionals has grown, so has our VDM platform.  Since our initial launch in 2011, we’ve added over 3,000 enhancements. For instance, Auto Scheduler, Master Job, Finished Reports, Advanced Charting and Gauges, VoV for data aggregation, direct-to-web publishing and more. Reporting tools of the past required users to manually build and script complex queries within their database’s native server report builder. With this in mind, it took a great deal of experience, and patience to become proficient at building a query. Our SQL query tool eliminates the challenges of manually scripting your query with the help of our intuitive point and click user interface.

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