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Analyzing Graphs

VDM For Intersystems

We value our relationship with our customers. That's why we do our best to take care of all your needs. 

VDM for InterSystems

VDM is a Microsoft .Net SQL query and reporting application designed for any user who needs easy ad hoc access to their data from InterSystems Caché, InterSystems DeepSee, InterSystems IRIS, InterSystems IRIS for Health, InterSystems IRIS BI databases.

  • Create, save, edit and share Views.

  • Explore your data using interactive Data Grids. 

  • Filter, sort, group and summarize your data.

  • Produce maps, data visualizations, advanced charts, graphs and gauges from your data.

  • Build custom and interactive dashboards.

  • Produce professional quality finished reports.

  • Schedule your views to run anytime.

  • Export your view to Microsoft Excel (XLS/XLSX), Microsoft Word, PDF, HTML, RTF, image files and more.

  • Access Finished Reports and Visualizations in browser with WebReports.


Here at BridgeWorks our mission is to bridge the gaps in your technology. We are a community of Government, Healthcare and Collection professionals with one goal: leveraging the vast experience of hundreds of operational specialists, technologists, software developers and data analysts to build a reporting platform that not only provides quick and easy access to information, but also professional quality Finished Reports and Visualizations. Our VDM platform is for anyone with an InterSystems Caché, InterSystems DeepSee, InterSystems IRIS, InterSystems IRIS for Health or InterSystems IRIS BI database who needs access to the information within, without the need to learn complex scripting or work from a command line interface. Instead, VDM is an ad hoc report writer and SQL query tool that was designed to be simple enough for novice users yet powerful enough for data professionals.

Data Reporting Tools You’ll Love at No Charge

We offer VDM Express to all users at no charge.  With each VDM Express installation, we include our full VDM Developer edition for 7 days. Start your free trial now. If you would like more information about our ad hoc query tool, please fill out the contact form on this page. Give us a call or email us at Thanks for your interest in BridgeWorks and our VDM platform, the quickest and easiest way to view your data.  

VDM’s Evolution

As our community of professionals has grown, so has our VDM platform.  Since our initial launch in 2011, we’ve added over 4,000 enhancements. For instance, Scheduler, Master Job, Finished Reports, Advanced Charting and Gauges, WebReports, Command Tables, VoV for data aggregation, direct-to-web publishing and more. Reporting tools of the past required users to manually build and script complex queries within their database’s native report writer. It took a great deal of experience, and patience to become proficient at building a query. Our ad hoc SQL query platform eliminates the challenges of manually scripting your query with the help of our intuitive drag and drop interface.

Native SQL Query Tool

VDM is an ad hoc query tool that provides you with insight into the data within your InterSystems databases. With VDM you access InterSystems Caché, InterSystems DeepSee, InterSystems IRIS, InterSystems IRIS for Health, InterSystems IRIS BI and more without installing and configuring ODBC drivers. Build charts, advanced Visualizations, high-end professional quality reports and more. Schedule your reports to run any time of the day or night. Export your data to PDF, Excel, HTML, Word, CSV, Text Files or Image file formats.

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