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The Next Generation Report Writer

Simple, Powerful, Flexible and Affordable. 


VDM Features

SQL Query Editor and Writing Tool

Easily access the data within your database without SQL scripting experience

Web Report Publishing

Integrate Web Reports into your native applications using our APIs

Interactive Dashboards

Create drag and drop data visualizations and interact with data in a whole new way

Professional Report Writer

Build professional quality reports using our Finished Reports feature


Reporting data warehouse feature that gives you access your Reports and Visualizations from any date and time.

Report Scheduling

Our built in scheduler allows you to schedule your reports to run automatically

SQL Query Tool

Easily access the data within your database without SQL scripting experience using a point and click interface. 

Interactive Dashboards

Create data visualizations using our drag and drop interface to interact with your data with a single click.


VDM gives you the capability to store and access your data from previous times and dates without having to run reports again.

Web Reports

VDM gives you access to your reports from anywhere. Run and download reports all in your web browser.

Professional Report Writer

Turn your data into complex  professional reports using drag and drop features inside VDM's Finished Reports designer.

Report Scheduling

VDM's built in scheduler allows for reports to run automatically without needing to even be open! Email Reports, Success and Failure notifications. Never miss deadlines again with interval checking for failed jobs.



Find the right VDM plan for you

Now 33% Off Monthly Subscription



$395 / Month

Risk-free for 30 days


For professionals

Developer License


View Only License


Web Reports License


Phone Support


Live Virtual Support

Email Support

Written Documentation

Instructional Videos

Updates And Upgrades



For teams and businesses


$995 / Month

Risk-free for 30 days





Advanced reporting needs


$2,495 / Month

Risk-free for 30 days




A Developer License grants access to Create, Edit and Distribute all content in VDM such as Views, Insights, Jobs, Finished Reports, Visualizations and more

In addition to the Written Documentation we also provide video tutorials on our YouTube Channel. These are designed to be brief and to the point so we can keep you moving forward.

Updates And Upgrades include any new version releases that require using the auto update feature or upgrading to a new release from previous versions. 

A View Only License grants access to View and Distribute content in VDM such as Views, Insights, Jobs, Finished Reports, Visualizations and more

A Web Reports License grants access to Web Reports where users are able to Run/View/Download reports all in the web browser. 

Phone support will consist of getting on the phone and working together to answer questions or resolve challenges you are having.

Live Virtual Support will consist of getting on and remote working with you to solve any challenge or questions. Examples include help with installation and setup. Training, tips and more.

Email support includes opening tickets with our support system at and we will answer all questions and provide guidance on anything you need.

We provide written documentation on everything that is VDM. Installation, Query Building, Report Building and more! Just check out the support page.


"We have been able to monitor and analyze agent's performance in real time by using custom dashboards with VDM. I have desired this ability for 20+ years and because of this great, user friendly partnership we are now reaping the benefits. This product and their service are dynamic and nice us insight into every aspect of our operations. I could not be happier with this product." 

R.M. Williams | President | HFS, LLC