How to Buy VDM

VDM is offered as a monthly subscription service that can be cancelled at anytime.  We don't ask for a credit card or payment upfront to get started with VDM.  We'll prepare and email your invoice monthly and you'll have the option of paying securely online with a credit card or check, as well as by mail.

Your VDM subscription also includes access to our knowledge base, training materials, instructional videos, all updates and upgrades as well as our live support team who will answer any question you have about VDM. 

Our only requirement to begin your VDM subscription is that you complete a free 60 day trial.  Our goal isn't to just sell you software, it's to make sure VDM is the right solution for you and your company before you join our community of BridgeWorkers.


Please complete the order form below and a member of our team will contact you with your license and registration information.

InterSystems Developer Community

Special discounted pricing of up to 70% is available. 

Please contact for more information.


per user per month

Developer license is a full production license that allows a user to build, save, edit, run and share reports.


$195.00 per month

View Only

per user per month

View Only license allows a user to open and run a report that has been created by a Developer.


$25.00 per month


per company per month

WebReports is a Microsoft IIS based Web Service that allows users to run and view Finished Reports and Data Visualizations in a web browser.


$495.00 per month


VDM v10.0.25.0 has been released and available for immediate download.

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