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Welcome to BridgeWorks!

Where accessing the data within your Government, Healthcare and Collection platform will no longer require a team of programmers and database administrators. With our SQL report builder, you will have accurate and readily available access to your information to make informed decisions about your operations. 


When we set out to create the next generation toolset for Government, Healthcare and Collection agencies we had one goal.  Make it Simple, Powerful, Flexible and Affordable. 

VDM Features

SQL Query Editor and Writing Tool

Easily access the data within your database without SQL scripting experience

WebReport Client

Access your reports using your web browser with our WebReports Client

Interactive Dashboards (Visualize)

Create drag and drop data visualizations and interact with data in a whole new way

Professional Report Writer

Build professional quality reports using our Finished Reports feature


Reporting data warehouse feature that gives you access your Reports and Visualizations from any date and time.

Report Scheduling

Our built in scheduler allows you to schedule your reports to run automatically


"We have been able to monitor and analyze agent's performance in real time by using custom dashboards with VDM. I have desired this ability for 20+ years and because of this great, user friendly partnership we are now reaping the benefits. This product and their service are dynamic and nice us insight into every aspect of our operations. I could not be happier with this product." 

R.M. Williams | President | HFS, LLC

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