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A Look At Label Tasks

This week I want to follow up with a related article to last weeks post (Adding Labels In Finished Reports) that provides a more in depth look at the label tasks in Finished Reports.

Where Are Label Tasks Modified?

You can open the Label Tasks menu by clicking on a label and selecting the cog / gears icon to the right of it.

Label Tasks Explained

Text: Sets a static text value to the label.

Example Text: Hello World Text Result: Hello World

Expression: Creating an expression allows you to set static text, assign a field to the label, and even create powerful expressions to modify the data presented using fields, variables, functions and more.

The following expression would return the text in the single quotes and the value for the ContactName field for that record.

Example Expression: 'Contact Name: ' + [ContactName] Expression Result: Contact Name: John Doe

Format String: Format strings are used to modify the format of the label. To use the Format String Editor, click on the ellipsis.

Example Format String: 3/11/2022 Format String Result: Using the format string MMMM d, yyyy returns March 11, 2022

Summary: The Summary option allows you to set what level (group/report/page) to sum the label for.

Example: Group Summary - Grouped on Employee ID

Employee 1 Order1: $30 Order2: $150 Order3: $35 Order4: $85

Result: $300

Example: Report Summary - Grouped on Employee ID Employee 1: $300 Employee 2: $100 Employee 3: $500

Result: $900

Sizing / Spacing Properties.

Auto Width: Sets whether or not the width of a label depends on its text.

Can Grow: Sets if the label’s height can grow in order to display the contents in their entirety.

Can Shrink: Sets whether the labels height can decrease if its contents do not completely fill the label.

Multiline: Sets whether carriage return characters split the label’s text into multiple lines.

Word Wrap: Sets whether a label automatically wraps words to the beginning of the next line when necessary.

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