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Adding Group/Sum/Sort to Your View

Once you have applied filters to a View, you can further add grouping, summaries, and sorting that will be used for the Detail / Summary Grid in VDM.

To start adding Group, Sum and Sort to your View click on the FSGS section on VDM's main screen. Once you are in the FSGS, click the Group/Sum/Sort tab.


Adding grouping to your View will allow you to summarize your data by the report fields you selected.

To add a grouping, select the desired report field in the group by drop-down list. To add additional groupings click the green + in the Add/Remove column. In the example below we are grouping by EmployeeID.

To remove a grouping, click the red X located in the Add/Remove column.


Adding summaries to your View will allow you to perform calculations on your selected group options. The data will be summarized in the order the summary options are placed in the list box.

Please note that summaries should only be added to numeric fields and not strings.


Sorting your data allows you to order the returned information however you choose.

To add a sort select the desired report field from the sort drop-down list, then select ASC (Ascending) or DESC (Descending) from the Type drop-down list.

And as always, make sure to watch our video on Group Sum & Sort from our YouTube channel!

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