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Alternatives: Cross-Band Lines

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

In this post I am going to cover what a cross-band line is and give a few examples of when and how to use one. If you would like to download the sample view (with data) used in the blog post to take a look at it, click here.

Why Use Cross-Band Lines?

In the past there have been challenges with adjacent borders causing exports to create some funky borders. Cross band lines can be a powerful alternative to the commonly used label borders. Cross-band lines create a single line that spans the specified bands. Cross-band lines can be used for a one step solution for formatting column dividers or borders on your labels.

Preview: No Cross-Band Line

Preview: With Cross-Band Line

Steps To Use Cross-Band Lines

1. Open a view and enter the Finished Report Designer.

2. Drag a cross-band line into your finished report.

3. Position the cross-band lines across multiple bands (header, detail, footer, etc.)

4. Preview your Finished Report and make any needed adjustments.

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