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Changing My Company ID

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In this post we provide information how and why to modify the company ID in VDM's settings.

Why Modify Your Company ID?

Modifying the Company ID can be done for multiple reasons and typically will vary.

Example situations that may require adjusting / modifying the Company ID:

- Your Company ID changed

- The wrong Company ID was entered during registration

- You have environment with multiple different companies

- Sometimes needed when upgrading from express license to developer license

Where Can You Modify Your Company ID?

The company ID can be modified in VDM's Settings

Steps To Modify Your Company ID.

1. Open VDM.

2. Click Settings located at the bottom of VDM.

3. Browse to and modify the Company ID. Once you have made your changes, click off the company ID box to save the changes.

Note: Keep in mind any changes needing to be made at the different options levels (User, Global, Service)

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