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Clean Up: Finished Reports / Visualize

In this post I am going to cover two new buttons that were added in the release of VDM on November 23, 2021, giving the user the ability to clear their Finished Report or Visualize with a single button.

Why Clear Finished Reports / Visualize?

Typically the most common situations that would likely want a fresh start on the Finished Report or Visualize is when a copy of a view is made for a new report and the FR / Visualize structure will be completely different.

Steps To Clear FR / Visualize

NOTE: Make a copy of your view before using the delete buttons to prevent a loss of your Finished Report / Visualize.

1. Open the view that has a Finished Report or Visualize that you want to remove.

2. Click on the View Options ribbon bar at the top of VDM.

3. Click the delete Finished Report or Visualize buttons.

4. Click Yes to confirm the deletion of your Finished Report or Visualize.

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