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Creating A Joined Dataset VoV

A Joined Dataset will return a single result from the selected Views based on the defined linking relationship. When the Views are joined together, the individual Views' results are imported into a local MS SQL database and then joined using the relationship defined during the VoV build process.

Why Create A Joined Dataset VoV?

Datasets are useful when you need to combine disparate Views into a single data source for Finished Reports or Visualize. Users often build a Dataset when they want to combine multiple views into a single Excel workbook where each view is a separate spreadsheet.

Steps To Create An Un-joined Dataset VoV.

1. Have multiple views that you can run and pull data from.

2. Open VoV Builder inside VDM.

3. Click the Add View button to add your first view into the builder.

4. Repeat step 3 until you have added all the views you want to combine.

4. Key Step: Establish linking between the Views.

To add a new join/link, select the key field from one View, drag and drop it the corresponding key field in the second View. VDM will ask what type of join you would like to establish; Equal (=) – Implicit, Equal (JOIN) –Explicit, Left, or Right. If you have more than two Views, repeat the task for each View.

5. Set the VoVOption to BuildDataSet (Selected by default).

6. Save the VoV (Home > Save).

7. Open the VoV in the Tables and Fields section of VDM and run it.

8. View the results. The detail grid will display the results from both views based on the type of linking used in the VoV builder.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If any changes are made to the views inside the VoV you will need to open the VoV in the VoV Builder and click the Rebuild VoV button, then click Save.

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