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Creating Recurring Appointments (Report Automation)

In this week's post I want to cover the steps needed to setup recurring appoints while providing a few examples.

What Are Recurring Appointments?

A recurring appointment is an appointment that occurs at regular intervals or more than once based on a pre-defined rule (hourly, daily, weekly, etc.). This is extremely useful in automating reports.

Example Uses: Weekly / Monthly reports.

Preview: Creating a weekly recurring appointment

Preview: Weekly recurring appointment

Where Are Recurring Appointments Setup?

You can set up the a recurring appointment by going into the Calendar section of VDM's Scheduler, selecting a date / time slot and then clicking the New Recurring Appointment button.

Steps To Setup Recurring Appointments.

Note: Creating an appointment requires a job to schedule. For more information on creating jobs, click here.

1. Open VDM.

2. Click on the Scheduler or Calendar buttons.

3. Select a date / time slot on the calendar and click the New Recurring Appointment button.

4. Set the appointment Start and End times.

Note: VDM will check every minute until a successful execution is performed during the Start and End times.

5. Select your recurrence pattern (Daily, Weekly, etc.) and specify the parameters for the selected pattern.

OPTIONAL: If you want the appointment to have an end period, set up the Range of Recurrence to "End by" or "End after X occurences".

6. Once you have setup the appointment recurrence information, click OK.

7. Finish setting up the appointment. If you are not sure how to do so, click here for the full steps.

8. Verify the recurring appointment is setup properly in the Calendar.

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