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Dynamically Populated Parameters

In this post I want to go over setting up a dynamic query to help with populating parameter values.

A Dynamic Query allows you to populate a parameter's value list using a SQL Query. Without using a Dynamic Query to populate the parameter values, you would have to do it manually. If you have a lot of values to use this will save you a ton of time.

In order to leverage dynamic queries, you will need to first make sure that your View has parameters by going into the Parameters section and clicking Add Parameter.

Once a parameter is added to the View, the properties for that parameter become available to modify. To make the parameter leverage a dynamic query, enable the Dynamic property by setting it to True.

The next step is creating the SQL Query to select the values you need. If you need assistance in creating your SQL Query, click here.

Once you have added the SQL Query to the parameter's Dynamic Query I recommend setting the Type of the parameter to either IN or Combobox, then run the View. Below is an example of an IN Type Parameter populated by a Dynamic Query.

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