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Enhanced DTP (Date Time Picker) Parameters

In this post I want to provide some usage examples of the enhanced date time picker parameter. Previously only a date was selectable. With the release of version users can now change the value of the DTP to use Date / Time / Date and Time.

Preview: Date Time Picker Properties

Why Use Enhanced DTP Parameters?

The enhanced date time picker properties allow you to specify the format and whether the date time picker is getting the date / time / date and time.

Steps To Use Enhanced DTP Parameters

NOTE: Only available in version or later.

1. Open VDM.

2. Open / Create a view that uses a date time picker parameter.

NOTE: The Date Time Picker properties are only available for parameters with the Date Time Picker parameter Type.

3. Modify the Date Format / Date Time Picker Type properties as needed.

4. Create your filter in FSGS to use the DateTimePicker parameter.

NOTE: Repeat the previous steps for additional parameters

5. Run the view and verify the results.

Run Time Parameter Prompt:


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