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Importing Your Calendar File To A SQL Database

In this weeks post I want to cover the steps to import your CALENDAR file into your SQL database. If you are not sure what your CALENDAR file is, this file stores the information for your scheduled jobs in VDM. When you first make the change to use a SQL database for the scheduler, any previous jobs on the scheduler will not automatically be imported into your SQL database. This is the process needed to do that.

NOTE: This option became available in versions and later. If you do not see these settings/options/features please make sure you have updated VDM to get the latest updates.

Steps For Importing Your Calendar File.

1. Click on Scheduler or Calendar on VDM's main screen.

2. Select the Tasks ribbon bar.

3. Click the Import Calendar File button.

4. Select your desired CALENDAR file.

5. Check your calendar to make sure the appointments were imported / the correct CALENDAR file was imported. Keep in mind it may take a few seconds to see the appointments populate in the calendar.

NOTE: If you did not import the correct CALENDAR file, you can click the Clear All Appointments button and try again. PLEASE USE CAUTION WHEN DOING THIS AS YOU WILL CLEAR ALL APPOINTMENTS IN THE DATABASE.

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