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Linking To Command Tables

In this week's post I want to discuss the steps to link a command table with your primary tables in VDM.

Why Link To A Command Table?

A Command Table is effectively a subquery that is executed and the results returned.

Preview: Command Table Created & Fields Added To The View

Preview: Linking To A Command Table

Where Do You Link Tables?

You can link tables in the Linking section of VDM.

Note: Complete these steps first.

- Create your Command Table.

- Add your fields from your primary tables

- Add your fields from the Command Table

Steps To Link To A Command Table.

1. Click the Linking button on VDM's main screen

2. Link your tables as needed. For assistance with linking, click here.

Note: In this example the Orders table is linked to the ShipViaCount Command Table on EmployeeID.

3. Run the view to verify desired results are being obtained. If the results are not what is expected, redo the linking and try again.

Example: The view provides the combined results from the Command Table and Primary Table.

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