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Modifying VoV ViewPaths

With the release of version of VDM we introduced the ability to change the view paths inside a VoV. This will be the topic for this weeks post where we explain why this is useful and how cover the steps to do it.

Why Change A ViewPath?

Changing a View Path in the VoV builder can be useful when you have moved view files to a new location. This will allow you to update the VoV properly so that it continues working.

Steps To Modify the ViewPath Property

1. Click VoV builder on VDM's main screen.

2. Open your VoV.

3. Click on the view you want to update the ViewPath property for.

4. Update the ViewPath property. Check below for tip if you are unsure about the path.

TIP: If you are not sure what the exact path is or want to copy the path you can browse to the location of the view in the file explorer and copy the path by right clicking on the path and selecting Copy address as text.

5. Click Rebuild VoV.

6. Click Save for the VoV.

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