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Private Connections

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In this article we provide the steps and an example of creating a Private Connection Profile and setting the Username and Password for it in WebReports.

Why Create a Private Connection Profile?

Private Connection Profiles enable the administrator to configure the Server, Instance, Port and Database information but not the username and password.

Where Can You Create a Private Connection Profile?

You can create private connection profiles on the Connection page located under the Management tab of the WebReports navigation bar. When creating a connection profile just enable the "Is Connection Private" box.

1. Click on the Management tab of Web Reports navigation bar, then select Connections.

2. Edit or add a connection.

3. Enable the Is Connection Private? checkbox.

Where Can You Set the User/Password for Private Connections?

The username and password for a private connection profile can be set by clicking on the Reports tab and then Private Connection.

1. Click on the Reports tab of the Web Reports navigation bar, then select Private Connection.

2. Select your connection and click the Set Connection button.

3. Enter your Username and Password for the connection profile.

4. Click the Save icon.

5. Click Test Connection to verify the information was correct.

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