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Removing Orphaned Subreports

In this weeks post I am covering the steps to take in order to clear out orphaned subreports in the Finished Report.

Post Summary: Update VDM to the minimum required version and save the view within the Finished Report Designer to remove orphaned subreports.

What Are Orphaned Subreports?

A subreport that is still inside the view file, but not in the Finished Report. In older versions of VDM there were situations that could cause the report to become detached from the view. This would cause issues when trying to use the Finished Report.

Where Do You Clear Orphaned Subreports?

Save your view while inside the Finished Reports Designer. It is recommended to create backups of your view before doing so.

Steps To Clear Orphaned Subreports.

Note: It is recommended to create backups of your view before making changes.

1. Update VDM to make sure you have the latest version or at least the minimum version ( required.

2. Make backups / copies of your views.

3. Open the view/views and enter the Finished Reports Designer.

4. Save the Finished Report inside the designer.

5. Verify the orphaned subreports are no longer in the View.

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