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Using Multi Query Name Splitters

In this post I want to go over the Multi Query Name Splitter. This feature allows a user to rename the result sets returned from creating a multi query select statement in Advanced Query.

Example Named Result Sets

Steps to Use the Multi Query Name Splitter

1. Open VDM.

2. Click on Advanced Query.

3. Create or modify your Multi Split Query, then add your Multi Query Name Splitter.

NOTE: Default value is "MQN_As" (see OPTIONAL steps below to see how to change the value)

OPTIONAL STEP 1. Click on View Options.

OPTIONAL STEP 2. Click on the Multi Query Name Splitter button.

NOTE: The default value is "MQN_As"

OPTIONAL STEP 3. Set the value you want to use for your Multi Query Name Splitter.

NOTE: You will need to save the view in order to keep the changes (view options are specific to the view).

4. Run your queries and verify the results.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Any changes made to the names of the result sets may cause your data to become unbound in Finished Reports / Visualize if there were already set to a previous data member.

5. Save any desired changes.

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