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What's Coming in the Next Version of WebReports?

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

Hello Community, We've been hard at work redeveloping WebReports for the BridgeWorks community, and the next release won't be an incremental update. We've taken the community's feedback over the last couple of years and literally started over. The next release of WebReports runs fully independent of the VDM application, is built on .Net Core 5, runs faster, uses less resources, and supports both Windows and Linux environments. We've also added dozens of new features like a simplified user and report management interface, scheduling, multi-role support, iFrame support for embedding Visualizations and Finished Reports, integrated reporting data warehouse (think Insights), a customizable branding solution so you can apply your look and feel, and much much more. We brought one of our beta testers and early adopter into full production this week, and we're currently targeting a general release in about 6 weeks. Over the coming months we'll be extending WebReports capabilities by adding Detail and Summary Grids as well as Charts, Single Sign On and LDAP integration, and support for mobile devices. Our documentation and videos are coming together now and we will keep the community updated as we get closer to a general release. Here's a sneak peak of WebReports (images below): Login:

User, Role and Report Management:


Available Reports:

Completed Reports:



Finished Reports:

Thank you all for your contributions and support, and for making WebReports possible. We could NOT do this without you.

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