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MySQL Implementation & Management

In this week's post I want to briefly discuss leveraging MySQL for WebReports and the steps to take to do so. The main advantage of using MySQL over MS SQL is that MySQL is completely free. If using SQL Express (Free Version of MS SQL), you could be limited based on the WebReports usage due to the 10 GB limit for SQL Express.

Full WebReports Installation Steps Using My SQL

The main steps for leveraging MySQL to run WebReports requires downloaded and configuring MySQL Server and Workbench.

The setup process is very straight forward, with minimal changes needed during the install (such as establishing the root password & creating the DB Admin Account).

One of the key things to keep in mind when using MySQL is that the data storage size will need to be adjusted based on the size of reports being queued / downloaded.

Code snippet to adjust the MySQL data storage

Note: If the data storage needs to be larger, add some zeros.

set global net_buffer_length=1000000;
set global max_allowed_packet=1000000000;

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