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WebReports Logs

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In this week's post we go over the different logs available in WebReports. The WebReports logs consists of three main tabs, WebReports, Execution and All.

Why Check / Use Logs?

The logs in WebReports contain useful information for managing / troubleshooting anything WebReports related and can be extremely useful when opening support tickets.

Where Can You View the Logs?

The logs can be viewed by clicking on the Logs section of the WebReports navigation bar. From here you will have the option to select the type of logs to view (WebReports / Execution / All) as well as the option to adjust the date / time range for the logs to view and exporting any desired logs.

Below is a list of items expected in each tab of the WebReports logs.

WebReports Logs

- User logins

- User modifications

- Defined field modifications

- Reports being viewed

Executions Logs

- SQL Query being sent

- Scheduler Information

- Records returned

- Errors during execution

All Logs

- All of the logs included in WebReports / Executions

- Database Maintenance

- API Controller

- API Login

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