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VDM TIP #8 - Customize Your VDM Experience (Skins)

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

In this weeks post I want to expose an overlooked feature that has been available inside VDM all this time. With the release of version customizing your VDM skin has never been more convenient.

In version we moved the custom skins, which were previously in the View Options, on to the main screen of VDM making it easier to swap skins anywhere inside VDM.

Each skin has it's own look / feel / functionality for individual sections of VDM. Some skins may offer alternate colors and some may even have alternate icons or glyphs.

Lets take a look at just a few of the skins that are available and their differences below.

White Variants:

If you like to see a lot of white on your screen you have many different white skin variants.

Dark Variants:

If you want darker skins that I personally think are easier on the eyes, there are grey and dark variants.

Holiday Variants:

During the holidays or even year round, you can spice up your VDM experience and show off your holiday spirit.

Summer Time:

Valentines Day:



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