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VDM Tip #15: Visualize - Design Time Only Filters

In this post I am going to discuss filters that are applied in the Visualize Designer ONLY. What this means is that these filters are applied to the data at the designer level not the viewer level for the end user.

There are two key levels / areas that the filter can be applied. First is at the data source level which will filter all other elements inside your Visualize. The second option allows you to apply filters on the data on the individual element / widget.

Below we will walk through the steps to change the filters at both levels and provide sample output from each.

Key Takeaway: The end user in WebReports or the Visualize Viewer will not have access to modify these filters; it's a design time only capability.

Steps to Apply a Data Source Filter (Filters all elements inside Visualize).

1. Inside the Visualize Designer, click on the Data Source ribbon bar,

2. Click on Filter.

3. Create your desired filter and click Apply / OK.

4. Confirm the desired results. In the below example, both charts have the filter applied.

Steps to Apply an Individual Control/Widget Filter.

1. Inside the Visualize designer, click on the control that you wish to filter on (you should see the available tools at the top of the designer change based on the selected control / widget).

2. Click on the Data ribbon bar located under the tools specific to the control / widget you selected.

3. Click on the Edit Filter button

4. Create your desired filter for the control / widget.

5. Confirm the desired results. In the below example, ONLY the selected chart has the filter applied to it.

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