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VDM Tip # 14: Post Processing - Reserved Words

In this blog post I want to discuss leveraging reserved words inside the post processing of a job. This gives us the ability to set a file name based on the dates it ran such as last month's end date instead of the day the report was executed.

Adding Reserved Words to Post Processing Commands

1. Open the Job.

2. Edit the execution.

3. Make sure Post Processing is enabled on the execution.

4. Enter your post processing command if you have not already.

5. Right click in the post processing section and select Reserved Word.

6. Select your desired Reserved Word, and format as needed, then click OK.

7. Past the Reserved Word formatting in the desired location of the file name. In the example I put it at the start of the file name.

Reserved Word:


Post Processing Command:

copy Details.PDF.FullName C:\Users\cfifield\Desktop\{@LastDayofLastMonth[Mdyyyy]}NewFile.pdf

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