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VDM Tip # 3 - Keep Up With Updates!

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

This week I want to help you keep up with the latest updates for VDM.

If you are running version 10 of VDM we recommend to always keep up with the latest releases. Currently we aim for a new release around the middle of each month.

The first thing I encourage you to do is find out what version you are running. You can easily do this inside VDM by clicking on the Help menu and selecting About.

The version you are running on will be displayed in the About VDM window that opens up.

Now that you know what version you are running, read up on some of the latest updates since your current version.

If you look at the severity ranking list, any time we release an update with a red or orange severity you could experience major challenges with VDM unless you update.

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