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VDM TIP #10 - Changing the Order of Executions

In this weeks post I want to go over changing the order of executions inside a job that is ran through VDM's Scheduler.

Why Change the Order of Execution?

Changing the order of executions allows for prioritization to occur based on a timely need for reports to run. For example, if you have a large report that takes a while to execute as the first in the list, you may have other smaller reports waiting for the first one to execute. If you move the larger report to the end, you can run shorter reports and have the results sooner.

There are also benefits to the computer's available resources when scheduling / managing exections like creating multiple appointments to create multiple sessions running reports so that longer reports do not back up the queue.

Steps To Change Execution Order.

Example of moving the execution order to Small > Medium > Large.

1. Open / Create a job.

2. Select the execution you want to change the order of.

3. Drag (Click + Hold) the execution to the spot you want it.

4. Save and test the job.

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