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VDM Tip # 13: Bridgit AI

In this post I want to spark interest in one of VDM's latest and greatest features - Bridgit AI.

A Few Benefits of Bridgit AI

1. Report creation and customization 2. SQL query writing and optimization 3. Data visualization and dashboard creation 4. Data analysis and interpretation 5. Troubleshooting and error resolution in VDM 6. Providing guidance on best practices for report writing and SQL query optimization.

What is Needed to Use Bridgit AI?

  • Obtain your OpenAI API key from OpenAI.

Steps to Use Bridgit AI.

1. Copy your API key and paste it into VDM's API Key in the Bridgit AI section of the Settings.

2. Open the Bridgit AI form located under the Tools section of the navigation bar.

3. Ask questions / communicate with Bridgit about anything you would like to begin writing reports.

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