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VDM Tip # 6 - Troubleshooting Your Query

This week I want to point out a useful troubleshooting tool for your report queries inside VDM.

When you are running your View, there is a button located at the top right of VDM called View SQL Query. This button will run the View and display the query that is being sent.

How Does This Help?

When you try to run a View and are not seeing the correct results or getting errors, seeing the query being sent allows you to pick apart each section of the query to diagnose and correct the issue.

Below is an troubleshooting example using the View SQL Query button.

1. Open and run a View.

2. Evaluate the results.

3. In this situation I am getting 0 results. The first thing to check is the logs to see if there is anything that stands out (errors, warnings, etc.)

4. If nothing stands out in the logs, it may likely be the query. I am going to click on the View SQL Query button and look for any issues with the query being sent.

5. After looking at the Detail SQL Query section, I can see that there is an invalid date being sent in my filter. This is resulting in the 0 results being returned.

6. I can now go to my FSGS and correct the filter and re-run the view.

End Result:

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